Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Top 10 Tips I've Learnt From My Microdrama

1) Use your time wisely so you et done everything you need to get done.
2) Preparation and planning is important - I need to make sure I have the time sheet, call sheet and any other relevant paperwork to ensure I can get the filming done efficiently.
3) How to work a camera and tri-pod.
4) How to work i-movie and trim dow clips to the shots I need.
5) I've learnt editing skills on i-movie, and how to add and trim soundtracks to the clips.
6) Relatively skilled actors are needed for realistic shots.
7) Choose location well to shoot the shot in.
8) Remember to remind person on camera to leave a 2 second gap at the start and end of the shot to make sure it's all on camera.
9) Make sure we have the script sorted and out and that the actors involved in the shot have rehearsed it.
10) Make sure to include a variety of camera angles and shots to increase interest and add more drama.