Friday, 17 December 2010

Acts of Repulsion - Coursework Pitch

The idea for the name of my film opening came from researching different slasher film names and mixing them about slightly. My film idea came after watching Hostel and Friday the 13th; it's basically a film opening that combines these two films together. The opening shot is an establishing, medium-high angle long shot of 3 friends having fun drinking & smoking around a small bonfire. There is then a panning shot of them stood talking and still drinking around the fire. They then decide that its getting too late and they're all tired so they retire to their tents. There is then a medium shot of one person closing their eyes and trying to go to sleep, and a light is seen shining outside, a muffled scream is heard and then the shadow of a body being dragged past the tent is seen in torch light. This alarms both the people still in their tents and they call to one another and decide to go out to investigate; they go outside and seen a shadow on the floor by the remaining glowing embers of the fire. They walk slowly towards the object and as they get closer they realise that it's in fact a body; they turn it over to see the face and they realise it's their other friend. There is then a low angle shot looking up at the two friends reaction to finding the body. They decide quickly that they must go get help because there may be a killer around; they stand back up and turn around to see a large hooded figure standing menacingly with a large axe in his hands, which is dripping with blood. They screen goes black as he swings it towards them.

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