Friday, 4 March 2011

ALL - Fourth rough-cut feedback

  • Second ident – audio and image need to fade out,
  • First shot turn down audio,
  • Re-record sound/re-shoot in places where there is added noise,
  • Trim shots that repeat,
  • Need to include high angled, Dutch angled, close up and medium close up shots,
  • Needs a transition when Lucy wakes up and finds Jason has gone,
  • Fade in when cast members are entering the house,
  • Cut to entering of the house after a close-up of someone turning the handle,
  • Prevent shots that include scenery or houses in the background,
  • Include close-ups of light switches being turned on,
  • Low angles so person blocks out what is behind,
  • See feet walking along instead of people,
  • Add a shot of someone closing the door (entrance to the house)
  • At start try not to show people,
  • Over the shoulder of Liam or point of view from Liam whilst entering the living room,
  • Small cut when Lucy closes the door,
  • Play around with colourings,
  • Scraping or shadow by the window,
  • Can’t go from false scare to people asleep – needs a transition,
  • Add point of view shots from Peter whilst entering the house and rooms whilst being scared,
  • Low angle of Patrick walking – needs big boots on not socks,
  • When reaching down towards Liam have a shot of hands reaching for the camera,
  • More of a struggle between Liam and Patrick, before being dragged off. Continued whilst being dragged away. As well as a shot of the sleeping bag being kicked around etc,
  • Decrease volume at appropriate stages of the film,
  • Cut between Lucy sleeping and Liam being dragged off,
  • Pete needs to leave a bedroom door open,
  • Shoot the scene where Lucy and Pete find the body outside – will be able to use fake blood.

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