Saturday, 12 March 2011

Evaluation Question 3 - Distributor

The genre I have made a film opening on is the Slasher genre, which is a sub-genre of horror. Warp films is a largely respected film production comapany which has worked alongside many popular distributors, for instance Crown International Pictures and Magnolia pictures to create the 2008 slasher/ thriller film which is Donkey Punch. However, Donkey Punch was filmed in a reasonably short space of time of 3 weeks, a 'small' budget of $500,000 (this budget is only small in comparison the larger films, working with companies such as Universal Pictures). 

However Lions Gate distributed the whole of the 'SAW' series, films which worked with budgets well over $1 million, SAW 1 also gaining a box office of $18.2 million, with a total gross interest of around $55.1 million. Contrasting with this point, is the fact that much smaller companies distributed more well known films such as Halloween (1978) which was distributed by Compass International Pictures, and also Scream (1996) which was distributed by Dimension Films. Scream was given a budget of $15 million, and gained a box office of $6.3 million, whereas Halloween was only given a budget of $320,000 (no box office figures can be found for Halloween), however made $47 million gross in the US alone.

All of the examples given are clearly way out of preportion to the zero budget required to produce my film opening, however if I was to develope my film into a full scale slasher movie, then a budget would be required, although still being very small amount of money. I think warp x would be a suitable distributor to use, because they mainly offer low budgets and due to the extremely small budget of my movie, they would make a high interest.

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