Saturday, 12 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2 - Representations

Liam plays 'Jason' the male
killed on screen.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My media film, the social group represented is not what would be classed as standard for a slasher film; the characters on screen are purposefully seen as more passive people with no competition for the role of alpha male. For instance the male that is killed on screen is played as a straight male who is comfortable to be seen asking his girlfriend to 'go upstairs with him'. 

Lucy, our scream queen.

However, although the role of alpha-male is not used as a stereo-type in our film, the female is an obvious 'scream queen'. If the opening were to be made into a full length film, then she would be killed towards the end. This is also bending the conventions of the typical slasher film, usually the scream queen would be the first to be killed and the last would be the 'final girl'. However the idea of mixing the final girl with the scream queen could potentially make for a more interesting end to the film.

Pete, second male in our film.

We also have another male in the film that is seen as the more passive male. He would be one of the last people to live, if not, he would survive. His role in the film is to be a slightly 'shady' and suspicious character. He doesn't have an obvious role, which could potentially increase the suspicion that he could be something to do with the murder. 

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