Monday, 17 January 2011

Acts of Repulsion Update

In the original film idea our initial thought was that the film would be set at night in (local) bluebell woods. Due to weather conditions in January we decided it would be almost impossible to organise a trip to the woods as it would be too dark too early, and the snowy weather would make it a lot harder. The lighting meant that with just the equipment available to us, it would be impossible for us to shoot the desired shots.

The original idea started with a shot of inside the tent where one of the characters is trying to get to sleep, and as the character rolls in there sleep to face towards the camera, a silhouette of a figure dragging a body moves past the tent, casting the eery shadow. In an attempt to test this difficult shot, on the 5th January we experimented with the shot idea in daylight, but it wasn’t successful. Due to the failure in the testing of this shot, we scrapped the idea and due to the fact that 3 of our main shots also would probably be unlikely to be able to shoot in the dark, we scrapped the whole idea.

As the result of the failure of that original idea we came up with another idea that could be alternated, depending on the nature of the location available to us.

Instead of camping outside in the local woods, we could move production of the film into a house. Ideally an empty property e.g. a property for sale. If we can't find an un-inhabited house available for us to shoot in, we will use one of either Richard's or my own houses. This however would mean that the first victim would have to found outside on the street, because this would add more suspense as a pose to finding a body in a house that is blatantly inhabited by a family.
Un-inhabited house idea;
with this idea, the group of friends would be filmed entering the house together (they find a front door open). They sit around in a circle on the floor of one of the rooms, with their sleeping bags next to the walls of the room. They sit drinking, messing about having fun etc. It begins to get late, so they all get in there sleeping bags and one by one drop off to sleep. When they are asleep, a dark, hooded figure walks into the room and drags one of the group out. The figure drags the person out of the room, the rest hear the door slam shut with the wind from an open window. The figure is heard fleeing and they go outside and down the corridor to find the body of their friend laying on the floor. They ponder over what the best thing is to do, and while they are deciding what to do they hear a noise behind them,  and see the figure walking towards them with a large axe (or other weapon) in his grasp, which is swinging towards them. The opening ends as the screen goes black.

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