Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Decostruction of Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Richard McLachlan

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Toby Hooper, 1974)                 3 min 21 sec
Budget: $83,000
US Takings: $31,000,000
August 18, 1973 – anchorage of date
Documentary style – Verisimilitude (Realism)
Audio bridge linking date to film
Sounds of digging – diagetic?
Music – no diagetic underlining 
Bones being hit and seen in the flashes when photographs are being taken 
1 min 22 seconds until first shot – different approach to the genre.
Horror – best in the mind of the audience- off screen
Flash photography
Narrative enigma (Barthes) mystery – intentional, unsettles audience
Radio playing over the top – exposition
Not met any main characters,
One shot used – different approach, lack of money, plays on audience’s minds.
Equilibrium – killer on the lose

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