Wednesday, 26 January 2011


As previously blogged, my film idea came from watching Hostel and Friday the 13th remake. Due to the fact that my very original idea would be impossible to shoot without high-tec lighting equipment, I had to tweak it so that it could be filmed inside a house. Due to the fact that my film opening is the opening to a slasher, the target audience would be people in their late teens (18), to people in late 20s. This is the primary target audience for slasher films, and is therefore my target audience. Hostel (2005) - which I obviously relate to film - had a budget of $4,500,000 and made a box office of $19,556,099, and also made a gross profit of $47,277,326. This film is aimed at (and quote) "young adults" - this constitutes of people in the age band which I gave and therefore means that due to the fact that my film has influences from that film, if I sent my film for cinema screenings it would have a similar box office to that of hostel (assuming I had a similar budget).

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