Thursday, 27 January 2011

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006 - Jonathon Levine) - Deconstruction

  • Mise-en-scene - pool party, sets scene in urban/ wealthy are of USA.
  • Girls in shorts and top or bikinis, guys in swim shorts and topless.
  • Alcohol being consumed & drug smoking devices spotted.
  • Sexual activity - people seen kissing in public.
  • All good looking people - Skinny, pritty girls & and tall muscular guys.
  • Night time setting - shows that the drink has been flowing for quite a long time, and they are all drunk.
  • Mandy (male) best friend, and the person who likes her are sitting on the roof of the house after a small scuffle.
  • Her best friend tells the other guy to jump into the pool, and obviously being drunk he believes its a good idea.
  • As he enters the pool, he his heard hitting something and there is a BEV shot on his body in the pool and a large amount of blood.
  • Screen goes blank after a high angle over the shoulder shot of Mandy's friend looking down and everyone staring back up at him.              

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