Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Babysitter Wanted (2008 - Jonas Barnes & Michael Manassen) - Deconstruction

  • Music at start builds tension.
  • POV-ECU at bare flesh - has marker pen lines on it as if in plastic surgery.
  • Camera wobbling and flesh is moving.
  • 'Baby like' music is played to give a sick sense of horror and tension.
  • Door seen opening at foot level which a 'freaky' squeak into a room with a blue tint to show coldness and scariness.
  • Shot goes back to the ECU of flesh then pans to the right and up to a female face to confirm it's a body.
  • They're gagged and a muffled scream is heard from them then  footsteps coming towards them in the background.
  • Shot under his arm focused on a table with sharp and blunt. rusty and bloodied metal impliments on it.
  • CU of victim showing them sweating maniacally and crying - their face is covered in dirt and blood.
  • Still shot of an overhead hook.
  • Medium shot, pans down her body to show the lines that have been drawn on her - lines that 'show where to cut'.
  • Hammer is raised in background of the shot and placed in the centre of her forehead - signifies where he is aiming at.
  • He raises the hammer and brings is down towards her forehead quickly, the shot 'turns away' as it hits her head - signifies that it's 'too gruesome to watch'.
  • Music turns into one long drawn out note to increase tension.
  • The note ends as the hammer hits her head and a crunching noise is heard to 'shock audience'. 

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  1. some nice detail here - make sure to show/state which aspects of this are influencing your filming ideas/approach
    post title's too long - put director info in the post, not its title
    and save then upload the image: its not showing on your blog, just a white box


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