Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Chuckie - Deconstruction

  • Font of opening credits signifies horror.
  • Mask & chainsaw in 'evidence area' (at police station) increases fear.
  • Darkness with lightning adds connotes horror.
  • American flag - signifies that the creators are trying to say "this is what America is about".
  • Mise-en-scene is a policeman stealing evidence from a locker.
  • Close up of a doll he takes from the locker.
  • Shot of the policeman from inside the bag to connote that the doll is 'watching him'.
  • Foreshadowing of his demise - whilst he's driving a car he almost crashes head on into a dump truck.
  • His phone is cut off in the middle of conversation - gives a sense of a life line being cut off.
  • Sitting in a car in warehouse waiting for someone?
  • High angle shot of him in his car in the middle of the warehouse - connotes that he is isolated and alone.
  • Lights a cigarette with a lighter inscribed with the words 'to Bailey' - signifies an importance of the name Bailey.
  • Keeps looking inside the bag which he stole from the police station.
  • Looks into the bag again then is killed by a mysterious female attacker who slits his throat.
  • As his throat is cut, there is excessive use of lightning.
  • The attacker is a Femme Fatade - Signifies danger!

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